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SCT Volunteer Spotlight: Walter's Signs

Like many other Second Chance Toys’ volunteers, Abby Schmidt had a few too many plastic toys at home. With the holidays quickly approaching, she knew she should donate some toys that her son had grown too old for, to make way for new toys that were sure to come at Christmas. And although she works across the street from a thrift store, the idea of donating her toys just for them to be resold didn’t sit well with her. She googled “toy donation” and “recycle used toys” and came across Second Chance Toys. There were no drop off locations near her, so she decided to go for it and hold a collection of her own at her family’s sign business in Berlin, New Jersey.

She put the word out on Facebook, placed a sign in the shop, and had her toy drive listed on the Second Chance Toys website. She was amazed when people just began stopping in to drop off toys. Many of them were first-time visitors to the shop.

“People seemed happy to be able to donate their used toys, rather than selling them at a yard sale or some other sale. You could tell it made them feel good. It made me feel good too,” noted Abby.

In the end, the people of Berlin collected a truck-full of toys that Abby was able to deliver to a local daycare center for children with special medical needs.

When asked if she’d hold another toy drive, Abby enthusiastically said yes. Knowing that the children at the daycare center will be enjoying toys that are basically indistinguishable from their brand-new counterparts makes any effort totally worth it. In fact, they may hold a toy drive in a few months for Earth Day.

We hope Abby’s story inspires some of you to try out a toy drive at your business. With not much time invested, you could bring smiles to local children in need. And who knows, maybe you’ll make a new customer or two from it!