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August 2010

Art Imitates Life!

It’s as if the writers of Toy Story 3 consulted the Second Chance Toys website to get their material! As Andy leaves for college, his toys are excited at the prospect of being donated to a daycare center and getting a second chance to make other children happy.
The simpler, older-style toys of Toy Story 3 are those that depend more on a child’s imagination to be fully enjoyed. Second Chance Toys was founded on the knowledge that toys are essential tools of play and socialization and are important in helping children develop their imaginations.
The story line also points up the goal of the toys……quite simply, the desire to be loved and played with……. and of course, to avoid the landfill at all costs! Second Chance Toys is happy to be bringing toys and children together and keeping plastics out of our landfills!
May the squeals of joy continue!!

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