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Our Team

Second Chance Toys is kept up and running with the help of a number of great staff members and volunteers.

Bronna Lipton, Acting Director
Dan Gervais, Chief Technology Officer

Bronna Lipton, Acting Director

Bronna Lipton has been with Second Chance Toys (SCT) since its inception. She was there when her daughter and future founder of Second Chance Toys, Sasha, first spotted all the plastic toys being tossed at the curb in their neighborhood. Sasha consequently came up with the brilliant idea to rescue the toys that launched SCT.

Since that day in 2006, when Sasha picked up the toys and put them into their SUV, Bronna has been on the front lines, working to grow the organization, expanding the number of organizations served by SCT and instituting programs to rally recycling centers, schools, corporations, moms, children and families around the idea of helping disadvantaged children and the environment. 

Bronna has used her varied skill set and background as vice president Hispanic Media and Marketing, Burson-Marsteller Public Relations, teaching elementary and high school Spanish, and as a dancer on Broadway, to enhance her role as Executive Director at Second Chance Toys. During her tenure, SCT was recognized by the NJ Education Association, the Association of NJ Recyclers, Waste Wise, Sustainable Jersey, and SCT received the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Award. 

A graduate of Northwestern University, Bronna has a B.A. in Spanish, augmented by a summer studies program at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and a practicum at Colegio Internacional de Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela. 

Why SCT: “It has been one incredible journey since the very first day that Sasha decided to do something about toys being thrown out at the curb. The continued growth and evolution of Second Chance Toys has been both exciting and a learning experience. The amazing reaction and reception to the organization, and the acute need that it fulfills, propels me forward with enthusiasm.”

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Dan Gervais, Chief Technology Officer

Dan Gervais is a seasoned C-level technology and operations executive with over 20 years of experience building on-line Internet SaaS model business information systems for start-up organizations. He has deep knowledge of the software, hardware, and staffing challenges in designing, building, and supporting web products that handle large amounts of users, transactional data, content management, search systems, and advanced dynamic user profiles and access control. He has overseen application software development, UX, content development, product development, customer service, systems administration, cloud systems, vendor relationships, back office software and hardware design and implementation, communications systems, and data center management.

Currently working at Tropare, Inc. as Director of Software, he creates SaaS solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Before joining Tropare he was CTO at RefluxMD for 2 years where he architected and built the startup's entire web application. Previously he was the CTO/COO at TargetSafety for 8 years where he helped grow the company from startup to a multimillion dollar SaaS enterprise with many millions of hits per month.

He earned his undergraduate degree from University of California, San Diego and holds a Master’s in Business Administration from University of California, Irvine. Dan also serves as President of the Eureka Springs community home owners association a 340 home suburban community in Escondido, CA

Why SCT: "I joined the team because Second Chance Toys has a wonderful vision of helping others as well as doing good for our planet. Sasha has inspired me and I hope to have the same type of drive and compassion in my 6 year old boy and girl twins. Giving and conservation are excellent values to instill in all people, plus having something that touches the numerous underprivileged children out there is an even better bonus."

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