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Booz Allen Hamilton Gets Everyone Involved for Earth Day Collection

For their Earth Day collection this year, Booz Allen Hamilton found a way to collect over 800 toys for organizations in Northern Virginia and Baltimore/DC. We wanted to share some of their strategies, in case your organization might be able to follow their lead for future collections!

1. Set up a visible collection spot. Booz Allen Hamilton holds a winter new toy collection, and already had the fencing seen here. Employees were already familiar with the fencing and idea of a toy collection, so it was easy to make the transition to collecting used toys instead of brand-new.


2. Open up the collection to everyone. Getting the on-site childcare center involved in both collecting and preparing toys equated to more awareness and fun for everyone. 


3. Use Earth Day as a day to gather everyone and work together. Earth Day fell on a Friday this year, so the employees at Booz Allen Hamilton's headquarters, the teachers and children from the on-site childcare center, and employees from nearby locations all participated in cleaning up the toys on that day. Using Earth Day as a culmination of the drive helps drive home the message of the collection-- to reuse and recycle! 


We would like to congratulate Booz Allen Hamilton on a successful Earth Day collection. We'd also like to thank their local moving vendor Office Movers, who donated their time and equipment in delivering toys to three local organizations: Jill's House, Northern Virginia Family Services, and The National Center for Children and Families.