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Collect Plastic Toys for Earth Month

Earth month is here, and Second Chance Toys makes it easy to Do Good and Be Green.  Simply gather all your "outplayed" plastic toys along with those of your friends and relatives. Once you have collected 50 toys, Second Chance Toys willmatch you with a local organization that serves children in need.

Why should you do this? Consider all the plastic that ends up in our landfills and oceans. In addition to this, consider that there 15 million children living in poverty. With the Second Chance Toys award-winning donation program, you can help children and the earth at the same time!

We ask that toys are donated in the condition that would be suitable for your own children. Make sure the toys are plastic, gently used and clean. Additionally, there should be no missing parts and all pieces must be attached securely to the toy, so they do not separate in transit. If the toy requires batteries, they should be fully functional or please include an extra set so the toy can be enjoyed. 

A collection is a great way to teach your kids, early on, the importance of giving and reuse. We even provide collection tips and fun activity sheets in our Resources Section to help you along the way.

To become a collector OR to donate a minimum of 50 toys of your own, you can register here.

Once we receive your registration, we will begin the matching process with a local organization.

Let's work together!