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Operation Toy Drive NYC, Powered by Uber, Launches this December

This holiday season, Uber, in conjunction with Kidville and 1-800- GOT-JUNK?, will make it easier than ever to donate gently-used plastic toys in the 5 boroughs of NYC and in Hudson and Union Counties in NJ. On Saturday, December 10th, from 10am-4pm, with the tap of a button, a driver will pick up your gently-used plastic toys and deliver them FREE to one of the 6 Kidville locations throughout Manhattan. There, the toys will be cleaned and prepared for pickup by 1-800- GOT-JUNK? who will transport the toys to local organizations that serve children in need.

In the NY Metropolitan area alone, Second Chance Toys has requests for over 40,000 toys. "We are happy to provide this free service that will not only make it simple for parents to donate their toys, but it will encourage many more toys to be donated for all the deserving children this holiday,” stated Raquel Rosenberg, Marketing Manager at Uber. Toys will be inspected for parts and cleaned by families and volunteers on Sunday, December 11th at 6 Kidville locations around Manhattan. Rammy Harwood, President of Kidville, stated, “We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our parents and children so they can experience firsthand the life lessons of community service and giving back."

On Monday, December 12th, a mere 48 hours later, the toys will be picked up by 1-800- GOT-JUNK? and transported to multiple organizations throughout the city. “I can’t think of a better way to give back during the holidays than by delivering thousands of toys and putting smiles on the faces of as many children,” added Cameron Robinson, General Manager, 1-800- GOT-JUNK?. 

They say it takes a village, and Operation Toy Drive NYC, powered by Uber, will be demonstrating just that this December! Start gathering your toys!!