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PS 132 in Brooklyn Surpasses Expectations


Known as the "Shining Star of Williamsburg," P.S. 132's awe-inspiring students, families, and community members generously donated their gently used plastic toys to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children! Upon starting its 2016 Second Chance Toys Drive, coordinated by Arts Liaison, Mrs. Heather de Koning Foley, the collection goal was 200 toys. Incredibly, they surpassed their goal in one day! After a week-long collection period, they were immensely proud to report that they collected 994 toys!

Their students learned how their generosity impacted their peers and how their plastic recycling efforts benefited the environment. The school is grateful to all those who contributed to its toy drive and are looking forward to next year's drive!

Second Chance Toys would like to thank parent volunteer, Danielle Sanchez, for overseeing the cleaning and sorting of the toys, and for helping us coordinate the donation to the three lucky organizations that received P.S. 132’s pristine toys.