Second Chance Toys Partners with "The Bag Called Hope, A New Christmas Sharing Tradition"

Second Chance Toys is very proud to partner with Stefanie Rowland and Jessica Shackelford, Founders of Hopefull Bag Co. who will be launching “The Bag Called Hope, A New Christmas Sharing Tradition” this year! 
The two moms founded and developed the book and Hope Bag after noticing how often their own children’s toys were going to waste and how other kids could benefit! Stef and Jess have created a way for kids to gain a passion for sharing & giving back, while at the same time, giving parents a way to sustainably reduce clutter.
The book, “The Bag Called Hope,” is a beautiful story that encourages kids and families to give back in time for the holidays and the season of giving. The comforting holiday story serves as the perfect companion to holiday and new year decluttering, and helps to ignite in its readers a lasting compassion for caring for others!
The Hope Bag was designed to coincide with the story in the book, is made with high quality material, and is reusable every year. After reading the story together, families are encouraged to fill their Hope Bags with outplayed, gently-used toys in order to declutter their homes, make room for new toys, and prepare a pack of donations for local kids in need, all while keeping plastic toys out of landfills. Once the pre-loved toys are packed up, Second Chance Toys comes in! During the holiday season, families can log onto the SCT website, search their location, choose one of our local affiliate recipient organizations, and register their donations.
Upon submission, SCT will match up donors with their chosen recipient organizations directly via email. From there donors can get in touch with their recipient contact to arrange for a convenient pick-up or drop-off time and date.
Second Chance Toys is very proud to serve as the donation database for The Bag Called Hope and welcome founders Stef and Jess to our family!
For more information on The Bag Called Hope and to pre-order for the holiday season, please visit their website,