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Spotlight Collector: Lisa-Marie Machado at Kean University

We asked second-time collector Lisa-Marie Machado to explain her decision to hold a second collection, this time on her own. Thanks, Lisa-Marie, for sharing your experience and good luck with your collection!

My name is Lisa-Marie Machado and I am a senior at Kean University pursuing Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Mathematics. Collecting toys last semester was an amazing and joyful experience for me and my group. Our organization, Portuguese American Club of Kean is still together but with new jobs and busy schedules we have not had the chance to work together on many things or even plan for new projects. Although this may be the case, I have decided to do the collection on my own this upcoming holiday season. It was so exciting to get all these toys in my garage that I want to have that same feeling all over again! I am truly excited. I hope to make it a service project for myself and my outgoing resumes as I graduate college this year and am applying for jobs.I hope to make a change in so many little children's and families' lives and expand that generosity as a passing it forward movement so that many others will reflect upon it and hopefully feel the same motivation to do good as I do. With a big heart and a desire to make a change, my goal beyond a numerical one of 300 toys, I hope to continue a cycle of good deeds.