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Toy Recipients: What to Expect Next?

Greetings SCT partner organizations! We are so honored to have each and every organization in our network joining forces to divert as much plastic from landfills, while simultaneously filling the need for toys among underserved children in the United States. Thank you all for all that you do in serving countless communities across the U.S.A., and helping our impact to grow each year! So far together the SCT family has diverted over 411,000 good-as-new toys from landfills and put them into the hands of children in need, and we can’t wait for more! 


   Now that you’ve been approved, here’s what will happen next:

   1. Your organization will be listed on our map of recipients in the U.S.A. Your short profile will tell potential donors in your area what kinds of items you’ll accept, if they can drop-off at your facility, whether or not you can pick-up toys, as well as the maximum number of toys you will accept.


   2. This profile will be visible to the public, but will only accept donation registrations twice yearly (Earth Month (April) and December for the Holiday Season).

   3. When a potential donor logs onto our website during a donation season, they will search their zip code to find a recipient organization near them to donate their toys. 

   4. Families and group toy drives (schools, community centers) will be able to register to donate to any organization in their area, as long as they have the appropriate items and quantity. Once the SCT team receives donor registrations, we will introduce you to them directly via email to swap contact info. From there you MUST be in contact with your donor(s) to arrange for a convenient pick-up or drop-off time and date. The matching email will look something like this: 


   5. You will NOT be matched with a donor who has a greater number of toys than your maximum, but you may be matched with a donor who has fewer than your request. The minimum amount of toys you should receive from a donor is 50 items. You may be matched with multiple donors. 

   6. All collectors are made aware of our donation regulations, but please be aware that some donations may not be up to standard, as noted in the Recipient Organization Release Terms.

   7. Important: Toys are never guaranteed. Due to the nature of the Second Chance Toys waste-need system, we are dependent upon our own communities to engage in circularity. There must be a toy drive or donor in your area who registers with us in order to receive donations. That being said, we encourage you to share and market your affiliation with Second Chance Toys in an effort to let your community know that you are accepting donations for the season. We also recommend making use of your official SCT recipient badge graphic, which was sent to you upon organization approval, on your website or social media channels. 

Communication is very important and we will need to be able to easily get in contact with you, so be sure to look out for any messages from the following email addresses: and same goes once your organization is matched with a donor. You must be able to communicate easily in order to plan for a toy hand-off, be on time for the date you make in order to maintain your matching donations and the chance to receive toys in the future. 

Please feel free to contact us at either of these emails above with any questions, concerns, or to update your contact or demographic information (change of address, phone number, etc.). 

Once again, welcome to the SCT circularity network; We look forward to working with you!