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University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ Accepts Second Chance Toys

P1010001 Pamela Schacter, M.S. Ed., Program Manager, at University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ accepts 30 Second Chance Toys from Sasha Lipton that were collected specifically to help the toddlers in her Early Intervention Program develop skills.The following is a testimonial letter:

Dear Sasha-Wow!  I brought my second load of toys from you into the office today and my staff were so excited!  We operate on such a limited budget that we rarely are able to buy new toys for our program.  I set aside a toy that has noise and vibrates for a child we serve who is deaf-blind.  Her physical therapist was so excited to have it to give to the family.This afternoon I was observing my Occupational Therapist in the home of a little boy who is partially paralyzed in one arm.  I asked his mom if she had toys to use to help him learn to use both hands.  She said no, she really couldn't afford to buy new toys.  I came back to the office and set aside blocks, pop beads and a farm for the therapist to bring to him on the next visit.These are just a few of the concrete examples of the amazing good that your work is doing.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Together we are better, and together we are making a real difference!Pam Schachter, M.S. EdEarly Intervention Program Manager, UMDNJ