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Why Support SCT and Its Mission: Cadence & Cause Chimes In

There are so many decisions when it comes to choosing how to donate your hard-earned money. For me, personally, there’s an additional layer of thought and calculation that comes with it. Our organization has to be extremely picky with our charitable partners, making sure that they’re both fiscally responsible and making real, tangible impact.

Second Chance Toys is definitely one of our favorites. For one, we love the fact that their cause is multifaceted, focusing on both providing toys to those in need and keeping plastic out of landfills here in America. It’s that kind of ingenuity that we need from our partners. They truly answer the question of “how can we take this one step further?”

Our campaign with them and Benny Benassi over the holidays was heartwarming-- more so than a lot of the other campaigns we ran. There was just another level of importance added to our usual process knowing that people who care about these kids were out there, providing for them and helping save our environment at the same time.

This was certainly only the first step between our two organizations in what will be a beautiful relationship for years to come.

-Clayton Warwick is founder of Cadence & Cause, an organization that connects artists, fans and worthy causes to measurably make an impact