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Rose & Rex is an online toy boutique and play resource promoting the importance of imaginary and open-ended play in early childhood development. We believe that play is an essential tool for helping children foster key cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills that they will carry through school and into adulthood. Our boutique offers a teacher-curated collection of sustainably made, open-ended toys that spark engagement.

Core to the Rose & Rex brand is our commitment to giving back, so with every purchase we “play it forward” by contributing to like-minded organizations dedicated to doing good for young people and our planet. We are thrilled to support Second Chance Toys in their efforts to rescue and donate plastic toys to children in need. Through our partnership, we plan to support SCT as they both work to protect our environment by keeping plastic out of landfills and also strive to give all children the essential opportunity to develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through play.

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