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Palm Beach Post: Nolan Gould on His Orphan Black Obsession and Life Post-Modern Family — Exclusive

Wetpaint Entertainment: First of all, congratulations on the cast's SAG Award nomination!

Nolan Gould: Thank you!

How did you find out you were nominated this morning?

I got up about 6:30 to get ready for my day... and my mom told me as I was getting ready. She told me, and I was so out of it. I was basically sleepwalking. [Laughs] She told me that we were nominated, and I just kind of gave her a groan back, and it wasn't until 30 minutes later that I realized how cool it was that we were nominated once again for a SAG Award in our sixth season. It's pretty amazing.

So tell us about your involvement in this toy drive.

I found out about a week ago about Old Spice's HoliSPRAY Toy Donation Exchange, and it was something that I knew I wanted to be a part of. I think it's really amazing what Old Spice is doing… We're at Hollywood High School, and we're having students bring in some of their old used toys, and when they trade in one their toys, they get a can of Old Spice body spray in return. And we're taking those toys they give and giving them to Second Chance Toys, and that will go to kids who are not going to be able to afford gifts this year because they live in poverty … We're teaching them about giving back, and they're getting something in return, and we're helping out some kids who really need help. Full Story

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