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Let’s say you have a slew of neglected Polly Pocket dolls lying around the house, and you never got around to returning that duplicate toy golf set from your kid’s last birthday party. Guilty? Instead of allowing these items to become part of your home’s endless obstacle course of things to trip over, consider donating to Second Chance Toys, a nonprofit toy donation program that takes plastic toys out of our landfills and puts them in the hands of kids in need.

Founded in the summer of 2006, Second Chance has donated over 170,000 toys to underserved children to date. Twice annually (once at the end of April for Earth Week, and once at the end of December for the holidays), the organization conducts a nationwide toy drive. Your role in the effort will differ depending on where you live and what you can donate, but be assured that any help makes a worthwhile impact. Here’s how to get involved:  Full Article

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