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1-800-GOT-JUNK?: Making Magic for the Holidays

We all know how new toys magically find their way to good little girls and boys for the holidays. But did you ever stop to wonder how so many gently-used plastic toys get into the hands of those that need them? Most collectors with 50-100 toys work out arrangements with their matched organizations for pickup or drop-off. But when we have a collection of several hundred to over a thousand toys, who can we always count on for their generosity of time, trucks and manpower.... our friends at 1-800- GOT-JUNK?

For close to 10 years now, they have volunteered to deliver our collections in NY, NJ, PA, DC, MD, VA, MA, IL, FL, MI, SC, CT, GA, CA... basically wherever and whenever we ask them to help out!!

Over the past decade, 1-800- GOT-JUNK? has helped us transport hundreds of thousands of toys to children in need and kept as many toys out of the landfills as well. There are no words to express our gratitude for their willingness to help and deliver thousands of toys at a time. They are polite, efficient and generous and stand by their mission of promoting reuse vs. waste. Thanks to the generosity of 1-800- GOT-JUNK?, Second Chance Toys is able to scale our efforts and impact many more children. They are indeed responsible for making magic happen for so many children this holiday season.

Thank you 1-800- GOT-JUNK? for all that you do.