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14th Street Y Parents Association Volunteers to Help NYC Kids

Volunteers from the 14th Street Y Parents Association in NYC have collected over 250 gently used plastic toys for their very deserving recipients at the Upper Room International Ministries homeless service in Queens.

Dara Cohen, the chair of the Parents Association, reached out to Second Chance Toys to see how they could help our mission of helping kids and the environment. She was very excited to get started and to be matched with a recipient organization serving NYC kids in need.

Dara and the Parents Association placed collection bins at the Y and have worked together to clean, sort and check the toys for the new recipients before delivery.They even donated addtional new batteries to make sure all of the toys are working perfectly now and in the future.

Thank you 14th Street Y Parents Association! Because of your efforts, the children at Upper Room Ministries will receive fun toys that will also help with creativity, imagination and socialization.