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ATTENTION SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: Help Make Second Chance Toys Part of Earth Week 2008 Activities

EarthweekIn order to help build a groundswell of support and involvement around the Second Chance Toys mission of rescuing and refurbishing plastic toys for needy children, we're looking for schools, community and religious groups around the country to incorporate this plastic toy recycling initiative into their activities to commemorate Earth Week 2008 observances (April 18 - April 27). PLEASE help us bring Second Chance Toys to more communities throughout the state and the U.S. There are a ton of plastic toys to be saved from the landfills and an equal number of children in need of toys. The life lessons kids can learn from their participation are numerous and include a better understanding of the importance in protecting our environment and giving of themselves to help children in need. If you are interested in creating a program similar to the model programs already created (Click Here) please contact us at so we can help in any way possible.