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Beat the Cold by Doing Good

The weather outside has been frightful. Much of the country has been dealing with snow and extreme cold weather that has kept people indoors with fingers and toes tingly from the cold. If you're stuck inside, there's a way to make the time pass and it'll warm your heart too.

You know that resolution you made to be more organized and less cluttered? You know how cleaning out closets, family areas, garages, and more sounds like no fun? Instead of thinking of the chore that it is, think of it as something positive, something that creates happy faces. Focus on who will benefit from your hard work.

Imagine the woman's face as she pulls your pastel yellow Easter suit off the rack at an organization where you donated it.  It's still in great shape but you want to buy something new, so you give it away. Now she can look as lovely as she wants to on her holiday -- doesn't that make you feel good?

Think of the man who doesn't have a warm coat for this historically cold winter we're having. You have several coats bursting out of the hall closet, so you give one away. You're not only being kind; you might be saving a life. That feels good, right?

Now think of the smile on the face of the child who gets the no longer wanted toys that are still in good condition. Cleaning out the toy area makes space for all the Christmas goodies that Santa brought. Giving the toys to an organization like Second Chance Toys means a very deserving girl or boy will have something new to love and enjoy. Now the child isn't the only one smiling... you are too!

If you clean and then make your donations you can check off a resolution from your list, enjoy a de-cluttered house, and relish the good feeling of helping others. That alone will warm your heart and make this coldest of seasons a little easier to get through (even if the rest of you is freezing... brrrr). 

Author: Tara Lynn Johnson, Philadelphia-region freelance writer