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AIG and ViacomCBS Continue to Enrich Lives from Across the Country

As we reflect on the holiday season, we are so grateful for the honor to work together again with our friends at AIG and ViacomCBS. Though we’re still spending a good portion of our time together virtually, we are overjoyed that our supporters continue to recognize the value that a toy drive program brings to employees in terms of social responsibility, sustainability, and holiday giving. 

Adapting Toys For All

Part of the heart of our mission of SCT is to help enrich the lives of children in need by providing the opportunity to play, so in order to broaden our reach in order to serve more kids, this year Second Chance Toys joined forces with the NYC chapter of Makers Making Change (MMC) to aid in launching their new event: Adaptive Toy Hackathons. 

NJ Recycling Centers Want Your Plastic Toys

It's April, a month in which many of us are looking for ways we can help protect the earth and our environment. One easy answer may be hiding in your very own toy closets! Simply gather all your unwanted plastic toys, make sure they are clean, no missing parts and that batteries are functioning. Find a participating recycling center nearest you, and drop your toys there. It is that easy and convenient!

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Collect Plastic Toys for Earth Month

Earth month is here, and Second Chance Toys makes it easy to Do Good and Be Green.  Simply gather all your "outplayed" plastic toys along with those of your friends and relatives. Once you have collected 50 toys, Second Chance Toys willmatch you with a local organization that serves children in need.

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Jefferson School Helps Find Second Home for Plastic Toys

Jefferson Elementary School in Roxbury Township held a used plastic toy drive for Second Chance Toys, a non-profit organization that rescues and recycles plastic toys for children in need by donating them to community organizations while keeping them out of the landfills. 

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New Collection Program Launches at Westfield Conservation Center!

Used plastic toys that previously languished in the attic or suffered the indignity of a garage sale are now being accepted as part of the recycling program expansion at the Conservation Center on Lamberts Mill Road in Westfield, NJ.

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Viacom Volunteers Prepare 1,000 Toys for Donation

Once again, Second Chance Toys benefitted from Viacommunity Day, a day in which Viacom volunteers all over the globe perform community service. On April 20th, a team of 30 volunteers headed to Fair Lawn Recycling Center in New Jersey, where 1,000 toys had been collected for Second Chance Toys and were waiting to be cleaned and donated to children in need.

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Viacom Team Saves 6,000 Pounds of Plastic from Landfill!

It was a beautiful sunny day and 27 volunteers for Viacommunity Day, Viacom's day of service, descended upon Fairlawn Recycling Center in NJ, where gently used plastic toys are collected for Second Chance Toys throughout the year.

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The Role of Reuse in NYC’s 0X30 Initiative

Earth Day will soon be upon us. Many are already thinking of ways to participate and help our environment. Kathryn Garcia, Commissioner, New York City Department of Sanitation, underscores the importance of reuse and why we should think twice before simply tossing things out.  

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