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Earth Month 2017 Yields over 8,000 Toys!

Why is Buzz Lightyear smiling? Because thousands of his plastic toy friends were saved from landfills this Earth Month!!

Second Chance Toys enjoyed a great response allowing us to match many individual collectors from around the country with organizations in their local area that need toys. Additionally, we enjoyed many repeat collectors who have consistently seen an increase in the number of toys donated year after year. Many locals have now come to rely on repeat collections and know to save up their toys throughout the year.

We have received comments from parents that Second Chance Toys provides a guilt-free way to dispose of plastic toys, knowing they will not end up in a landfill and instead, be played with again. Many parents and grandparents use the donation process to instill in their children the life lessons of giving and reuse.

With over 8,000 toys donated this April, we were able to spread the love far and wide and in the process, keep over 30,000 pounds of plastic out of the landfills!! Thank you everyone who donated, collected, and supported Second Chance Toys. We depend on volunteers to help make magic for children and the environment.