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Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips

There are so many ways to celebrate the spookiness of Halloween without compromising the environment. Check out these great ideas:


When it comes to crafts it’s simple, use what you already have in the house. You can make some creepy crafts from food jars, paper plates, recycled plastic bags-- even the leaves on the ground outside. For more info on these fun activities, visit


Costumes and accessories don’t have to break the bank and they can be healthy for the planet. Sometimes the best costumes come from your own closet so don’t forget to take a look at what you already own before going out and buying new.  Reusable trick-or-treat bags instead of plastic are best, and so is using face paint instead of purchasing rubber masks. Check out more ideas at


It’s easy to plan an eco-friendly Halloween extravaganza! Start by saving paper and using electronic invitations through Evite or email. Organic snacks and recyclable packaging is the next step. Using regular plates instead of paper is a good choice, and you can even recruit some goblins for help with cleanup later in the evening. For more eco-friendly party tips, visit


Happy eco-friendly Halloween!