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First Affiliate of Second Chance Toys is Established in Pennsylvania

Second Chance Toys of Pennsylvania has been formed by Kyle and Cara Scott   



Kyle (16) is in 11th grade (junior) and Cara (14) is in 9th grade (freshman) at George School in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Kyle plays varsity sports at school, including soccer, basketball and baseball. Cara is a cheerleader and has been active in gymnastics. They both enjoy spending time with their friends and playing with their pets, Emmy (a golden retriever) and Kiwi (a noisy parakeet). 

Kyle is involved with various service projects and responsibilities at school. Cara has been active in Girl Scouts and participated in the People to People Leadership Development Program in Washington, DC.

Kyle and Cara note: “We think Second Chance Toys is a great idea because we have the opportunity to recycle toys in an environmentally responsible way for kids who will really enjoy them! We want to make a positive difference and Second Chance Toys is a great way to accomplish that goal. Friends can help too and that can add to the fun!”

To contact Second Chance Toys of Pennsylvania, please email or