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Four Ways Toys Are Vital to Children's Growth, Health and Happiness

Guest post by Sreeya Patil Wiesner​
For kids to get the most from their toys, you have to make a conscious effort to select the best ones for them. This is because toys play an important role in your children’s growth, well-being, and happiness.
1. Improve both gross and fine motor skills
Toys can help younger kids develop both their fine and gross motor skills. This, in turn, will enable them to explore and understand the world around them better. These skills will also help with their cognitive development.
2. Enhance hand-eye coordination
Hand-eye coordination is a skill crucial for writing, drawing, playing sports, etc. Plastic and wooden toys that have to be constructed and sorted are great for improving this skill. These toys also improve their problem-solving skills and will enable them to feel happy whenever they are successful.
3. Improve your kids’ social skills
Toys that enable children to engage in pretend play will allow them to socialize and interact with you, other kids and adults. These skills will help them understand the importance of communication, cooperation, and connecting with others.
4. Introduce the concept of cause and effect
Lastly, action or reaction toys that pop up or make a sound when touched are effective in making toddlers and younger kids laugh and feel happy. They also improve their dexterity and understand the important idea of causality.
Whether you’re getting brand new or used toys for your children, choose ones that will have positive effects on their growth and development.
Sreeya Patil Wiesner is the founder of EcoToys in Dubai, UAE. She started her online toy store with an aim to provide healthy, safe and eco-friendly wooden toys to kids 0-6 years of age in the UAE.