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Giving Eco-Friendly This Holiday

Part of the reason people donate toys this time of year is to make room for new toys aquired during the holiday season. Since recycling and toys is our specialty, we thought we'd put together some thoughts on what to look for as you're shopping for your little ones!

1. Materials matter. Look for toys that use recycled plastic, paper, or eco-friendly woods. Some of our favorites are toys from Green Toys. They are made from 100% recycled plastic (mostly milk jugs) and are made in the USA. They've got a great selection of new sure-to-please products for 2015, including a block set. Shop here.

2. Look for toys that give back. Toys have come a long way in teaching children the imporance and relevance of giving back. Some companies do it as a portion of sales, and some include special codes and online portals that allow children to log in and choose who recieves their donation. We like ShelterPups, adorable plush 100% wool animals, made in the USA using cruelty-free and flame retardant wool. Kids can login and choose where to donate their Rescue Points (earned with purchase) to one of the 5,000 SPCA shelters on their website. 

3.Recycle and DIY! You know the joke about kids loving the box that toys come in more than the toy itself? It really holds up. Kids love cardboard boxes! We bet you'll have a few after holiday shopping, so make good use of them. There are a ton of really fun ideas on Pinterest if you search "DIY Cardboard Toy." A car wash, mailbox, rocket ship, doll bed... the possibilites are endless! We thought this guitar DIY was pretty clever! 


Happy shopping (or crafting)! And remeber to donate your used toys at a local drop-off site.