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Helping Children Grow

As the weather turns colder and the leaves changes to the yellows and browns of autumn, I am reminded of what nature does so easily that many people struggle to do, reuse and recycle.  The leaves will eventually fall to the ground and over the coming months turn into compost that the trees will use to nourish their growth next Spring and Summer. Our society has become a disposable society. We throw things away without regard for the environment or the ability for that item to be reused. Second Chance Toys helps me feel good and gets me closer to nature.

You might be wondering how I have made the leap from leaves, trees and nature to toys but it is really quite simple. Children are fed and grow with the help of toys. Toys help their imaginations grow, letting them learn about the adult world through play and gives them joy. It is feeding their minds like the leaves feed the tree. Many of the plastic toys that my children outgrew still had plenty of life left in them and just needed a new home and a good wash cloth. Second Chance Toys gives the toys that new home, a home where they can be appreciated and used. The children need toys that will expand their minds while bringing a bit of joy.

As the leaves change and you clean out your children’s closets to get ready for the winter and make room for the holiday gift giving season, think of the leaves and what that toy might mean to a child whose ground is barren of toys. Include your children in this process by letting them help pack up the toys and let them tell you of the joy and dreams that toy brought to them. Another child is waiting for those same joys and dreams. Donate your toys today to give a dream to another child and let their minds grow. 

Author: Ron Lottermann, Fair Lawn Recycling Coordinator and SCT Collection Volunteer