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As the Holiday Season Approaches, Pass Along a Smile to a Child in Need

The fall season is in full swing and kids are back into their school time routines. Old toys that haven't seen the light of day in months if not years find out they are no longer needed and are put in plastic bags for the landfill to make room for the upcoming holiday season. It's a rite of passage for children as they grow and move on to different interests, activities, as well as social and intellectual levels.

Meanwhile, this time of year is not full of fun and rights of passages for some children. They find themselves in shelters or in an impoverished neighborhood and there are no funds to get them new toys. The toys that other children are throwing away are ones that they would love to have in their own hands.

There was a time when those outdated toys would have no way to get to the children who needed and wanted them. Second Chance Toys makes this possible for children in need to these toys-- the toys are given a second chance at making a child happy.

As a collection center for Second Chance Toys here at Fair Lawn Recycling Center, I get the opportunity to speak with those donating the toys. They ask questions about the children who will be getting the toys and are genuinely happy that they can make a difference in their lives. Their smiles will even rival those of the children receiving the donations. What touches my heart is that I’ve had donors come as far away as New York and other states (I’m in New Jersey) just to drop the toys off. They feel that this is important and the travel time is worth the smile they hope to give a child in need.

As the fall passes and the holiday season approaches, send along a smile for a child in need and donate your used plastic toys.

Author: Ron Lottermann, Fair Lawn Recycling Coordinator / Clean Communities Coordinator