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Kind Reminders of Continued Support

The nonprofit organization, Project SEEYM, stands for “Supportive Empowerment Events for Young Mothers” and was founded and exclusively designed to empower and support low-income young mothers and young fathers who are living in low-income housing arrangements.

The organization’s purpose is to empower young adult parents (ages 17-24) by offering them encouragement, support, and an array of resources through a variety of community events. These events are geared for the family learning experiences as they explore opportunities they may enjoy with their dependent children. The program helps enable the young parents to pursue higher education, entrepreneurship, or job training programs that will improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Throughout the year, participants look forward to Project SEEYM events that provide the young families with parenting skills seminars, health and wellness workshops, influential guest speakers, entrepreneurship opportunity referrals and entrance into job training programs. The goal is to encourage our young parents to think about and know their options, both for continuing education and employment leading them into self-sufficiency.

In NYC, more than half the children live in families that struggle to meet their most basic needs for food, housing, diapers, and medical care. They are economically vulnerable and face numerous hardships so toys are a costly expense for these young families. Because of Second Chance Toys, we are able to remind the struggling families of how much the community cares and supports them. The Second Chance Toys donations make a difference in the lives of their children and show the true meaning of love and kindness.

We thank SCT for the generous donations and valued partnership. They have been a blessing to our organization.

  - Project SEEYM