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Making a Difference with Second Chance Toys

Getting involved with Second Chance Toys is easier than you think.

We always receive inquiries with questions from eager volunteers wanting to help the environment and their community but they aren’t sure they have the time or resources necessary to make an impact. There are so many fun and easy ways to get involved with SCT, we wanted to share those opportunities with you so that you can choose the option that works best for your busy schedule.

Do you find yourself stumbling over toys that your children no longer play with? This one is for you.

  • Gather all of the gently used plastic toys that you would like to donate. Check them over to make sure all of the parts are accounted for, that they are in great working condition and that their pieces aren’t too small (small enough to fit through a toilet paper roll). The toys should have working batteries if they are battery operational and should be wiped down to remove dust and germs for their new owners. Donate during our two collection periods, April for Earth Week and November/December for the holidays, by visiting our user-friendly website to find a drop-off location near your home. Our drop-off locations are updated regularly during our collection periods so don’t give up if there isn’t one close to home right away. If you don’t find a location near you and you still want to help, see below for another great donation opportunity.

Want to make an even larger impact? Consider this.

  • Create your very own initiative to collect toys with friends, family, your business, Girl or Boy Scout troops, religious groups, schools, or other members of the community. Take a look at our Getting Started Kit to see how easy it is to host a collection. Once you have collected 50 toys or more, we will match you directly with a recipient organization serving underprivileged children in your own community. Remember, we count on our volunteers to deliver the donation of toys to their assigned recipients. It’s a great opportunity to see firsthand the impact you are making in the lives of children and the environment- after all, those non-biodegradable plastic toys would have ended up in a landfill if it weren’t for you.

No toys? We still need your help.

  • Volunteer your time to help us identify organizations, maintain our database, become a guest blogger, help us coordinate donation events and more. We always have a need for talented volunteers who would like to offer their skills to help grow our mission. You can also spread the word to create a groundswell of support by encouraging others to visit and learn more about us, or make a monetary donation to help us do even more ‘good and green’.