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Paramount Families Save Plastic Toys from Landfills and Donate to Children in Need

Paramount is no stranger to the Second Chance Toys waste-need solution. Through different names, places, and times, this community has stayed at the top of our list as one of the most enthusiastic and devoted groups in helping us create a plastic toy circular economy. Over the years through hands-on programming Paramount employees have volunteered with us to deep clean, sort, pack, as well as send in their own donations directly to SCT accredited recipient organizations.


The Second Chance Toys team was so excited to be invited once again this year for Paramount Community Day and for the chance to host a remote and far-reaching toy drive. On June 16, Paramount employees from across the country joined the Second Chance Toys team for a live video information session, conversation, and "virtual toy drive." Employees learned about the SCT mission, history, and operations and were instructed how they could donate their pre-loved plastic toys. Paramount generously underwrote shipping costs and employees were invited to pack up their gently-used outplayed toys and ship them off to Second Chance Toys Headquarters in New Jersey. Upon arrival at SCT HQ, our team will sort and get them ready for pick-up by 2 accredited social action organizations in Newark, NJ.