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Q&A with Ridgewood Savings Bank’s Domenico Ciaccio

Founded in 1921, Ridgewood Savings Bank operates 33 branches across Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester County. Ridgewood is known for having a positive impact on its customers and the people in the communities where its branches are based.

Ridgewood Savings Bank has held two annual toy collections for us and they also selected Second Chance Toys as the charity for the money raised from their tote bag sale. We learned more from this Q&A with Domenico Ciaccio, Assistant Vice President and Community Reinvestment Officer at Ridgewood Savings Bank.

What is usually the criteria for Ridgewood when it comes to choosing a community project?

Ridgewood Savings Bank’s Domenico Ciaccio: Before choosing a community project, we research the organization to ensure the mission is in line with Ridgewood Savings Bank’s mission when it comes to community service. It is important for us to know that the community project has a positive effect. We also take suggestions from officers and employees of the bank.

How did Ridgewood first get involved with Second Chance Toys?

Domenico: We first found out about Second Chance Toys from one of our Branch Managers who hosted the second annual collection for SCT.    

Where did the idea of the “Tote Sale” to benefit SCT come from?

Domenico: In order to promote the environment, we sell Ridgewood Savings Bank tote bags throughout our branch network. Every year we select a charity for the money raised through the sale of our tote bags. In the past, the bank donated the proceeds of the tote bag sales to Operation Splash, another environmentally-conscious charity

Is there something about what SCT does that strikes a chord with you personally?

Domenico: Ridgewood Savings Bank strongly believes that our children are our future, and SCT does a great job ensuring that children don’t have to go without toys just because their families can’t afford it. We also appreciate how environmentally-conscious your organization is.  

SCT is environmentally-minded as a charity, looking to keep plastic out of local landfills. How is Ridgewood an environmentally-minded bank?

Domenico: We try our best here at Ridgewood Savings Bank to be environmentally-minded. We encourage our customers to sign up for e-statements and have taken steps within the organization in order to reduce the excess use of paper and electricity. Bank employees also volunteer their time with organizations that help the environment.

Finally, is there something you wish more people knew about Ridgewood?

Domenico: If there is one thing I wish more people knew about Ridgewood Savings Bank, it is how much we care about our communities. Ridgewood employees volunteer in food pantries, soup kitchens youth organizations, and senior centers. We help organize and prepare inventory of infant and toddler clothing, shoes, books, toys, etc. The bank also hosts numerous financial education workshops, First Time Homebuyer workshops, and senior identity theft prevention workshops at organizations throughout New York City.

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