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Rose & Rex Offers Ongoing Support

Rose & Rex is thrilled to have worked in partnership with Second Chance Toys for the past two years. As a teacher founded and curated brand, we believe that play is the single most important developmental tool young children have. Play is a right, not a luxury. All children should have the opportunity to play in a healthy world, which is why we are so committed to Second Chance Toys’ mission to provide toys to children in need and reduce plastic waste.

Through our #PlayItForward Initiative, every purchase on Rose & Rex allows us to support Second Chance Toys in their efforts to rescue, refurbish, and donate toys to children in need. In addition to donations made possible through product sales, we have sponsored events and toy initiatives to increase visibility for the work that SCT is doing, and to encourage families to donate their used plastic toys.

A highlight of our partnership was a toy collaboration between Rose & Rex and Hazel Village, in which we created exclusive “give back” stuffed animals to benefit Second Chance Toys.

This spring, Rose & Rex and Second Chance Toys sponsored a collection event with Finally Home Jersey City. Families were invited to a fun-filled day of play where we collected many used plastic toys, which were then donated to local families in need.

We look forward to continuing to support Second Chance Toys and their work of bringing play to all children, regardless of circumstance.