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Second Chance Toys Now "Down Under"

Second Chance Toys of Sydney Open for Business Cheryl My name is Cheryl Staddon; I am a Mum of two boys aged 12 and 9 and live in a beautiful part of Sydney in New South Wales Australia.
I am passionate about protecting our environment, assisting others in the community that need some extra help and I’m very excited to be starting up Second Chance Toys in Sydney. 
Earlier this year I was cleaning out my boys toy cupboards, finding near-new toys stored away that had hardly been played with and wondering what to do with them. Many of these toys were barely used, in great condition and could give kids hours of enjoyment.  After handing on some toys to kids of appropriate ages, I was still left with some great toys that were too good to be thrown away. 
I spent time researching charities to see if someone would accept used toys and found that a number of charities do but it was my responsibility to get these toys to these organisations. My Husband was convinced that someone in Australia must have a solution to this problem but it appears that so far no one has! 
That’s when I came across the website for Second Chance Toys in the USA.
What a fantastic organisation and such a simple idea, to rescue unwanted plastic toys and distribute to children in need through local community organisations, while at the same time, helping the environment.
The wonderful organisers at Second Chance Toys are very happy to assist me in starting up a Sydney affiliation of Second Chance Toys and I will be co-ordinating a couple of toys drives through some local scout groups before Christmas. 
I would love to hear from anyone interested in getting involved in Second Chance Toys Sydney either to donate toys, volunteer or become a sponsor. 
For more information about Second Chance Toys Sydney, contact Cheryl Staddon by email at