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Second Chance Toys of NYC Kicks Off with its First Toy Drive on Upper East Side

Reexposure4_of_dscn1838In celebration of Earth Day, Second Chance Toys of  NYC held its first toy drive in a 45 story high rise on the Upper East Side.  “They say, charity begins at home, so I decided to reach out to my neighbors and ask for their help” according to Jocelyn Goldberg, founder of the NYC chapter. The 350-unit building houses more than 100 families with children of all ages.  We went door-to-door and collected over 85 plastic toys, many of which were in perfect condition and destined for the scrap heap. “Why not give them a second chance with children who could really use them.’’  Toys are being donated to Homes for the Homeless in the South Bronx. HFH shelters over 630 homeless families with more than 1,200 children each day at five separate sites across New York City.  They provide education, shelter, and training to assist parents and children on their way to long-term stability.  For more information on Second Chance Toys or to donate your gently used plastic toys you can reach Jocelyn by emailing her at