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Spring Cleaning Meets Earth Month

As the yearly celebration to protect the Earth approaches, so many people begin to contemplate how their families, and especially children, can safely learn how to make a positive lasting impact. Second Chance Toys makes it simple and easy to do good this year, especially with your younger Earthlings in mind! As a family, gather your outplayed gently-used plastic toys, along with those from your neighborhood or relatives. Decide which toys you haven’t touched in a while and which your family has outgrown. Once you have a total of 50 toys, register your collection with Second Chance Toys and we will match your toys with a local organization serving children in need.  


Collecting and rehoming gently-used toys is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day for a few reasons. Consider that if outplayed toys were simply tossed in the garbage, they would end up in landfills. The plastic problem on Earth is one of the most challenging hazards facing our ecosystems because single-use as well as hard plastics are filling our landfills and covering our oceans. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), plastic is the most abundant type of marine litter, making up 80% of the debris found in the ocean. Marine animals suffer greatly from plastic pollution by inadvertently ingesting plastic or becoming entangled and helpless.       


In addition to the positive environmental effects, donating gently-used plastic toys benefits local kids in need! At Second Chance Toys we focus on our two greatest assets, our planet and our children, so by passing on your plastic toys we can together help provide fun and creativity to kids who may not have had toys otherwise. Once your kids have outgrown their younger toys, they can share with other kids and give their seal of approval for someone else to enjoy them!                                                                                                         

This cycle of toys also introduces the idea of circularity. As we adapt to a more circular economy and share our belongings, we even reduce the need for more plastic toys to be manufactured! 

We’ve come a long way as an environment-conscious nation since the first Earth Day in 1970, and though we continue to face many threats against our planet, there are still countless ways that we can protect it together! For more information on the Second Chance Toys Initiative, how to register your toy drive, and for collector resources, check out our homepage at