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Tips for Success from New Jersey's River Edge Green Team

New Jersey's River Edge Green Team has proven to be an incredible collection partner with Second Chance Toys. Both this year and last, they collected over 1,000 toys within four hours during each of their events at Cherry Hill School in River Edge.
Since they seem to have a formula for a successful collection, we asked River Edge Green Team leader Bonnie Stewart for some tips on how to make the most of a toy drive.
Here's what she and her team did:
 They publicized the event in the town newspaper for several months.
 They reached out to WCBS-FM, a popular local radio station, for support from their street team. The station had prizes for attendees and played music, keeping things fun and lively.
 They sent out e-mail blasts to all of the local schools and day care centers.
 They printed colorful flyers about their event and put them at local businesses and municipal buildings.
 They collaborated with Atlantic Coast Fibers to arrange for same day/location shredding of personal papers, giving local people another reason to come down.
 They timed the event to coincide with Earth Day, when there is more “green” awareness for recycling toys and for spring cleaning.
 They will collections about the same time and in the same location each year so people can save toys throughout the year know they will have a collection in their community.
Special thanks to all those involved for their efforts in making their collection a huge success and for making a difference in the lives of thousands of families in need!