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A Touching Moment Highlights National Guard Donation in Massachusetts



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Jennifer Cournoyer joined Second Chance Toys as the Operations Manager a few months ago and has been busy helping donors, collectors, and recipients for our Earth Week programs. She recently participated in her first hands on toy drive with SCT and below recounts her very special experience.

The Earth Week Toy Drive at the Massachusetts National Guard Headquarters went perfectly! The Soldiers and Civilians collected 60 beautiful toys and were able to donate them to some very deserving children.

Debra Vanderwerf, the Central Region Director for Horizons for Homeless, met us at the headquarters in the afternoon. She was so grateful and took half of the toys for the homeless newborns-8 year old children that her organization serves across Massachusetts.

After Debra left the headquarters we drove to the women's shelter a few towns over, Serenity House. When we walked in with the toys we were greeted by a handful of women who reside there, along with two of their adorable babies.

As I was kneeling down to unload the toys out of the boxes, a woman tapped me on my shoulder and said words that I will never forget.

"Do you know who sent you here?" she asked.

"Yes, I work for Second Chance Toys."

She paused for a moment, looked at me and smiled, "No, God sent you here."

It was such a touching moment, and one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

My first experience with a Second Chance Toys toy drive was surely one I will never forget, and I can't wait to be a part of many more.