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Toy Tales: Giving Comfort and Expressing Feelings

Our ongoing series of #ToyTales goes beyond the day of toy drop-off and takes a look at how donated toys change the lives and outlook of those who receive them. Today's Toy Tales is about Freedom House/Barrier Free Living NYC, a fully accessable domestic abuse shelter for families and individuals.

Childcare specialists and social workers at Freedom House/Barrier Free Living NYC were elated to receive a beautiful donation of toys to use with the children. "The toys have impacted children in a very positive way." stated Yenely Gomez, MSW and Director of Child Care/Recreation at Freedom House. "Through use of the toys and play, the children can express their feelings more easily about domestic violence in the family. Additionally, we sometimes have families that come to our facility with nothing, just the clothes they are wearing. Having some toys available to play with is both welcoming and comforting for the new children."

Childcare specialist, Alva Ross, also noted, "We have a lively group of boys who are really enjoying the race track and cars donated. The children are using their imaginations to create car races or car pile ups. The older children, girls included, are enjoying racing the remote-control car around the childcare room. They have had to take turns sharing the car and have been kind and generous in doing so." She adds, "The children are benefiting through imaginative play and learning teamwork skills with these wonderful toys."