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Toy Tales: Mega Bloks for Mega Development

Our ongoing series of Toy Tales goes beyond the day of toy drop-off and takes a look at how donated toys change the lives and outlook of those who receive them. Today's Toy Tales is from a social worker at Therapy Associates/NJ Early Intervention System:

One of the families I work with has a son on the autism spectrum. He is two and has sister who is one. The family lives on welfare in a small apartment, and the parents are unable to continually purchase toys for their children's evolving needs and interests. Each time I visited with their son, we would play with the boy's toy barn and a couple of accompanying animals.

The last time I went, he had become dissinterested with the toy and many of the animals were missing. His lack of interest made sense, since the toy was really intended for children closer to one. This child desperately needed toys to help him with his cognitive, motor, and fine motor skills.

Photo courtesy Mega Bloks

Through a toy donation with Second Chance Toys, he received several Mega Blocks construction building block toys. These age-appropriate and cognitavely stimulating toys have been a big hit with the child. His parents report that the building block sets hold his interest for long periods of time, during which he is creating, problem solving, and generally enjoying play time.