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Toy Tales: Toys Promote Self-Esteem and Behavioral Changes

Second Chance Toys recently designated Archer Elementary School in the Bronx (NY) to receive a collection of toys. The toys have had a huge impact on many of the students, used not only for play at recess, but in the classrooms and very importantly, in counseling sessions.

This is about two of the many students that were positively impacted by the donation of toys. The boys in the photo have personal challenges and are having difficulty coping with overwhelming emotions. It has been affecting their classroom behaviors and academics. They will throw tantrums in the classroom, oftentimes fight with their peers, and run away from the classroom.

As we started using the donated toys in the counseling sessions, they have become more expressive and motivated to make positive choices.  They are learning proper social and emotional skills through play, and it is helping them in and outside of the classroom. As their guidance counselor, I can definitely see that they have enhanced self-esteem, despite their challenges at home.

Chisa Sealy is a guidance counselor at Archer Elementary School in the Bronx.