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What’s In It for Kids to Donate?

There are so many reasons why donating plastic toys can be a special experience for families. Even aside from providing toys to kids who don’t have many or even any of their own, the morals that come with homegrown altruism from a young age are priceless!

Children who donate their toys become economists! When it comes to children’s plastic toys, regardless of the manufacturer, age range, colors, and sizes, the plastics being used are some of the most durable materials available. Modern toys can last in good condition for years, but kids won’t remain interested for that long. This is where to introduce trading out the “old” toys that are no longer of interest and place them somewhere where they’ll go to good use. By passing their toys onto the next audience, children learn the concept of circularity, reuse, refurbishment.

Children who donate their toys become environmentalists! With popular kids brands such as Hasbro and Mattel instituting sustainable policies, the toy industry is shifting to accommodate the massive challenge of plastic pollution. Some of these policies include reducing the amount of plastics used in packaging, offering recycling programs, and encouraging upcycling or donating. Stewardship to the Earth doesn’t just entail recycling paper, plastic bottles, and saving water, but also requires reuse and contribution to the circular economy which requires much more imagination and reflection. As toy owners, kids who are invited to add their toys to this “circle of playing” learn how to make decisions about space, functionality, and sustainability.

Children who donate their toys are compassionate! When we at SCT organize a toy collection, pick-up, or delivery, we always have the two greatest things in mind: the Earth and the children sharing it. Compassion and care for people and our planet is at the core of our mission and is what drives SCT and all of our partners to work together! Donating toys opens a conversation with our children about those who are less fortunate financially and emotionally. An act as simple as passing on our toys can bring immeasurable joy to a child and help struggling parents maintain their dignity during the holiday season. Toy donation also brings the environment into the conversation by introducing the challenges we face from waste, landfills, and plastic pollution; Thus creating a lifelong bond between children and the natural world in which we live and are helping to conserve!

Whether it’s a spring cleaning marathon, or making room for new toys before the holidays, donating plastic toys with SCT is a meaningful experience for any family looking to make a difference in the world.