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Who Wants Free Gently Used Plastic Toys? Everyone We Talk With!

Being_good_is_one_thing_doing_good_is_everything_tshirt-p235098025373061044trlf_400 As we gear up for our annual Earth Week collections, it seems like programs are coming out of the woodwork. Our volunteer teams are busy fielding inquiries from schools, community groups and businesses of all sizes, all of whom want to conduct their own toy drives.
And all the local recipient organizations are overjoyed and welcoming the toy donations as with a challenging economy and budget cuts they have little means to offer much needed smiles to the children they serve.
So, step up and do something people!

  • Help us collect more toys for Earth Week and contribute to saving our planet.
  • Offer to volunteer and help us find more organizations to take our toys.
  • Clean out your closets and toy trunks and bring them to one of our drop-off locations.
  • And if you are a corporation looking for a means to make "Good & Green" part of your company DNA, write to This is going to be BIG! 

So what are you waiting for? Just do it!!