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Logan LoganAnnexHS There was lots of holiday cheer in the air at Our Lady of Hope Church on December 23.  The kids of Logan Annex Head Start received lots of shiny gifts compliments of Second Chance Toys of PA, and had personal “sit-downs” with Santa Claus too!!!  That is what we call a very special day indeed!

Thanks to the generosity and support of so many individuals, families, schools, churches, synagogues and companies this holiday season, Second Chance Toys of PA toy donations now exceed 12, 500.  That is a lot of toys recycled away from the landfill to into the appreciative hands of literally thousands of youngsters in our community.  Thanks to the following organizations who lent a helping hand or otherwise participated this holiday season:
-Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
-Springfield Elementary School
-Springfield Literacy Center
-Walter Miller Elementary School
-Samuel Everitt Elementary School
-Bucks County Head Start
-Mill Creek Elementary School
-Pediatric Day Health Center
-Feltonville Head Start
-Trinidad Head Start
-Logan Annex Head Start (Our Lady of Hope Church)
-Downingtown Area School District (Admin Team)
-Tiferit Bet Israel Synagogue
-Warwick Elementary School
-State Farm
-Children’s Village of Doylestown, PA
If you are interested in participating during Earth Week 2011, please let us know at

DSC02951 Hey, it’s not really “work” when you are having fun!  Here is the Second Chance Toys of PA core team and some volunteers helping Santa make it happen for the kids during the holiday season of 2010!    

Felt2 Second Chance Toys of PA donated hundreds of great toys to the children of Feltonville Head Start this holiday season.  The toys were distributed to the kids on December 21.  Smiling faces all around.  Happy holidays!  Ho Ho Ho!

Trinidad What a great time on December 22.  The kids dressed up and performed in true holiday style for friends and family.  Second Chance Toys provided wonderful toys for every single child just in time for the holidays.  And -- Santa even made a surprise appearance too!   A tremendous time was had by all!

163630_1673781135305_1560745281_1578776_4961685_n Choka Lyme For Hope conducted a toy drive with Second Chance Toys which was a great success. The abundance of collected toys were delivered to Babyland In Newark, New Jersey. Bobby Roghubir spoke on behalf of Choca Lyme "It was our pleasure to be apart of this program and the recipients are a great organization who were very welcoming and appreciative of our efforts. We look forward to working with Second Chance Toys on future toy drives." 

MCreek2 Don't mess with those kids and families from Mill Creek Elementary School in Warrington, PA.  They know how to organize a toy drive!  Do they ever!  They filled our 15 x 15 cubic yard 1-800-GOT-JUNK? truck up to the gills with gently used plastic toys; great toys to be recycled and distributed to literally hundreds and hundreds of kids in our community just in time for the holidays.  That is community and holiday spirit at its best.  Thanks to Principal Leonard Schwartz, Home & School leader, Stephanie McDonald and all the great students who helped make the December 3-10 toy drive such a resounding success for the second year in a row.  Some say "Ho Ho Ho" at this time of the year!  We simply say "Wow, you are the greatest!!

Second Chance Toys of PA wants to publicly thank and congratulate the wonderful children at Springfield Elementary School and Springfield Literacy Center who worked so hard to collect toys for us during their drive from November 3-12.  You did a great job and your efforts will help some very deserving children in Delaware County and beyond.  Your efforts are what the holiday spirit is all about.  Let's keep that spirit throughout the year.  Help the kids -- Help the Environment!  Way to go!!!

Warwick2 Warwick3 Talk about a team effort.  Led by Girl Scout Troop 21808, the students, families and Parent-Teachers-Organization of Warwick Elementary School in Warwick, PA orchestrated a very successful toy drive and collection in support of Second Chance Toys of PA from November 22 to December 1, 2010. All banned together to help many needy children in the Bucks County and surrounding areas hopefully enjoy the holidays a little bit more this year.  Many boxes and bags were filled with reusable plastic toys collected by the Girls Scouts at the school. This is the first year the scouts have coordinated with Second Chance Toys and we are very proud of them for their truly outstanding efforts. They are helping to make a positive difference in the lives of other children and our environment!

MC2 The great kids and families of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Doylestown, PA organized another successful toy collection on November 20, 2010 in support of Second Chance Toys of PA.  Once again, our 1800GOTJUNK truck was filled with quality, polished-up toys that will make hundreds of deserving children in our community very happy this holiday season.  This is the third year in a row that Mount Carmel has supported Second Chance Toys of PA activities.  We are not only impressed by this consistent effort, but very grateful indeed!  Thanks to all who pitched in. Special thanks to Laurie Frayne who coordinates these activities at the church and to Eric Blum from 1800GOTJUNK who helps us get the toys where they need to go.  

To our friends at Second Chance Toys: 
Once again your organization has overwhelmed us with wonderful toys that are developmentally appropriate for the infants and toddlers whom we serve.  The families, children and therapists who serve them will be THRILLED to have such wonderful materials to work with. One of the real strengths of your program is that you get toys that have all of their parts and work!  We do not have to sort through them and then discard toys that are unusable. 
Pamela Schachter, M.S. Ed
UMDNJ Early Intervention Program Manager
Newark, NJ 07103

IMG_1414 Girl Scout Troop 335 of Manalapan has been very busy this holiday season. As part of their Bronze Award project, the troop held used toy drives in their neighborhoods to benefit Second Chance Toys.
The troop collected over 13 bags of gently used plastic toys in addition to two bags of new toys, two large plastic kitchens, a desk, an art easel and a Barbie jeep. Next, the girls cleaned the toys and made sure they were in working order. The toys were then dropped off to the Marlboro, NJ Branch of Investors Savings bank. They will soon be transported by volunteers from 1-800-Got Junk? to organizations that will distribute them to children in need.
In addition to having lots of fun, the girls learned about the value of recycling to help the environment as well as the importance of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

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SS_holiday_toys_sitstand Over 85 drop-off locations are presently available throughout New York and New Jersey. More locations will continue to be added during November.

Carey SCTphoto Hi, my name is Carey Campbell and I’m the mother of three young children, two boys and a girl.  They are wonderful! But they seem to come with far too many accessories. I had my three in as many years, so it was very easy to reuse and recycle, but when my little one started to outgrow things, I was in a quandary. Most of the toys she had were plastic and still had a lot of life in them, but we had the youngest children of anyone we knew, so I had a hard time finding them new homes. When my friend suggested I just throw them out because it was easier, I knew I had to do something. That statement officially started my mission. I searched the internet (because that’s what you do when you need an answer immediately) and Second Chance Toys came up. I was sold. 
Now, I am the go to mom for recycling.  I am very active in my children’s schools and I make it a point to tell their teachers the mission of Second Chance Toys.  Last Earth Week was my first time organizing the donations, and it was amazing.  We collected over 400 toys (I quit counting after that) and the best part was that I had so many people thanking me because they had nowhere to give their toys to. People want to help, but need to know how, or where to give.  Second Chance Toys is an amazing outlet for everyone.  I made a lot of friends and have somehow even convinced my 6, 4 ½ and 3 year old that giving toys to OTHER people can feel really good.
Plainview Families LOVE Second Chance Toys!

Second Chance Toys of Sydney Open for Business Cheryl My name is Cheryl Staddon; I am a Mum of two boys aged 12 and 9 and live in a beautiful part of Sydney in New South Wales Australia.
I am passionate about protecting our environment, assisting others in the community that need some extra help and I’m very excited to be starting up Second Chance Toys in Sydney. 
Earlier this year I was cleaning out my boys toy cupboards, finding near-new toys stored away that had hardly been played with and wondering what to do with them. Many of these toys were barely used, in great condition and could give kids hours of enjoyment.  After handing on some toys to kids of appropriate ages, I was still left with some great toys that were too good to be thrown away. 
I spent time researching charities to see if someone would accept used toys and found that a number of charities do but it was my responsibility to get these toys to these organisations. My Husband was convinced that someone in Australia must have a solution to this problem but it appears that so far no one has! 
That’s when I came across the website for Second Chance Toys in the USA.
What a fantastic organisation and such a simple idea, to rescue unwanted plastic toys and distribute to children in need through local community organisations, while at the same time, helping the environment.
The wonderful organisers at Second Chance Toys are very happy to assist me in starting up a Sydney affiliation of Second Chance Toys and I will be co-ordinating a couple of toys drives through some local scout groups before Christmas. 
I would love to hear from anyone interested in getting involved in Second Chance Toys Sydney either to donate toys, volunteer or become a sponsor. 
For more information about Second Chance Toys Sydney, contact Cheryl Staddon by email at