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January 2022

Spring Cleaning Meets Earth Month

As the yearly celebration to protect the Earth approaches, so many people begin to contemplate how their families, and especially children, can safely learn how to make a positive lasting impact. Second Chance Toys makes it simple and easy to do good this year, especially with your younger Earthlings in mind! As a family, gather your outplayed gently-used plastic toys, along with those from your neighborhood or relatives. Decide which toys you haven’t touched in a while and which your family has outgrown.

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AIG and ViacomCBS Continue to Enrich Lives from Across the Country

As we reflect on the holiday season, we are so grateful for the honor to work together again with our friends at AIG and ViacomCBS. Though we’re still spending a good portion of our time together virtually, we are overjoyed that our supporters continue to recognize the value that a toy drive program brings to employees in terms of social responsibility, sustainability, and holiday giving.