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For many years now, Viacom has been participating twice yearly with Second Chance Toys to help collect and clean toys for children in need. During the holidays, we have been able to count on the good work of the controllers group, that consistently collects large numbers of beautiful and good-as-new plastic toys for us year after year. "It is always fun and rewarding to see our efforts going to make children happy," said Wanda Farag, who spearheaded the controllers' collection. "We look forward to this every year and save up our toys in anticipation," she added.

With sustainability a priority at Viacom, Anthony Agate, Senior Director, Event Operations & Food Services, arranged for his group to participate as well. He asked everyone to bring a gently used plastic toy to the holiday party celebrated by various teams. They not only collected a good number of toys, but Anthony also arranged for delivery of all the toys collected by both groups at Viacom.

The children at Malcom X II Phase B low income housing apartments were the beneficiaries of the beautiful toys that brought lots of holiday cheer for them and their parents.

Thank you Viacom!  


Second Chance Toys was thrilled to work with two Brooklyn Boulders locations that volunteered to collect toys for the holidays. They put the word out to their respective communities, Gowanus and Queensbridge and in a little over two weeks' time they both received an overwhelming response. When asked how they felt about their first collection, Griffin Sweet of Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge noted, "We were happy to provide our communities with a responsible way to get rid of their outgrown toys." Adding to that, Carina Finn of Brooklyn Boulders Gowanus said, "Knowing that the toys would end up in the hands of local children in need really resonated with our clients"

Brooklyn Boulders Gowanus and Queensbridge collected 200 and 170 toys respectively. Thank you for providing a drop off location to your communities and for making a tremendous impact!

We are so grateful for the enthusiastic participation of the Island Heights Environmental Committee that collected 50+ beautiful and good-as-new toys. They were thrilled to keep them out of the waste stream and put them into the hands of children at local organization, O.C.E.A.N / Head Start L.E.A.P. in Ocean County, NJ. Pictured here is Tanara Hall helping a representative from O.C.E.A.N. load up the toys to be loved once again!

Second Chance Toys recently designated Archer Elementary School in the Bronx (NY) to receive a collection of toys. The toys have had a huge impact on many of the students, used not only for play at recess, but in the classrooms and very importantly, in counseling sessions.

This is about two of the many students that were positively impacted by the donation of toys. The boys in the photo have personal challenges and are having difficulty coping with overwhelming emotions. It has been affecting their classroom behaviors and academics. They will throw tantrums in the classroom, oftentimes fight with their peers, and run away from the classroom.

As we started using the donated toys in the counseling sessions, they have become more expressive and motivated to make positive choices.  They are learning proper social and emotional skills through play, and it is helping them in and outside of the classroom. As their guidance counselor, I can definitely see that they have enhanced self-esteem, despite their challenges at home.

Chisa Sealy is a guidance counselor at Archer Elementary School in the Bronx.


 They are the companies that support the Second Chance Toys mission with their participation and generous grants. You can find their logos proudly displayed on our homepage. If you click on any one of them, you will read about their participation and generosity that help further our mission. From conducting collections, cleanings and transporting the toys, to staging promotions and multi-office participation in various states, these companies have made a real difference for Second Chance Toys.

Upper Saddle River

It all began with the vision of Ron Lottermann, director of Fair Lawn Recycling Center, and their collection conducted over 8 years ago. Since then, the joint program has evolved into a year-round collection in which we bring a corporate team of volunteers once a year to inspect, clean and bag the toys for donation. About 25-30 Viacom volunteers sign up to participate every year in the spring in conjunction with their Viacommunity Day, a day of community service performed by their employees the world over.

At the end of the 3-hour event, in which approximately 1,000 toys are prepped to be loved and played with again, our friends at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? volunteer to load up their trucks and transport the toys to local organizations that have signed up to receive our toys.

This turnkey program is so efficient and brings in such large numbers of toys, that we have since begun to replicate the program in recycling centers throughout New Jersey. Why are the recycling centers so interested? Their environmentally-conscious constituents not only love the idea, but it saves the town the costs of having to dispose of the plastic toys as refuse.

In addition to Fair Lawn Recycling, the centers that are now participating include Paramus Department of Public Works, Upper Saddle River Recycling Depot, Westfield Conservation Center, Holmdel Recycling Drop Off Center, Montgomery Township Public Works Department and Eatontown Department of Public Works. There are currently opportunities available for corporate teams to participate in these fun and engaging programs in the spring. Please contact us on our corporate sponsorships page if you are interested in having an employee engagement team participate.

For the 8th year in a row, the Downingtown Area School District (DASD), Downingtown, PA, has been conducting a holiday toy collection. After their individual schools are finished collecting the toys, they are all rounded up to a central location for pickup. This year was nothing less than AMAZING!! DASD was able to collect and donate 500 toys to local children served by nine locations of Gordon Head Start in nearby Coatesville, PA.

"We were thrilled by the overwhelming response to the collection this year," stated Crystal Van Hoorebeke, who coordinates the collection. "After all these years, parents have come to expect this collection and save up their childrens' outgrown toys so that others can reap the benefits," she added.

Over the years, DASD has made quite an impact with the thousands of toys they have donated to help children and the environment. Second Chance Toys is so grateful for the continued participation and enthusiasm of DASD. Thank you everyone!


Our friends at Teich Toys & Books, located in Manhattan, certainly know how to run a collection of gently used plastic toys. Their enthusiasm and promotion of the collection guaranteed that their recipient organizations, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), would be getting a beautiful and bountiful selection of good-as-new toys. According to Allison McGowan, owner Teich Toys & Books, "Collecting the toys really puts everyone in the holiday spirit of giving. Our customers also appreciate that we are providing a responsible way for them to get rid of their outgrown toys!"

As shown in the photo, KIND put all the toys on display so that each child could select a holiday gift. Second Chance Toys is very lucky to have Teich Toys & Books as a collection partner. They have not only demonstrated their generosity with a collection, but they have supported us to help further our mission as well. Thank you, Teich Toys & Books!

We love getting thank you notes from the organiztions that benefit from your toy donations. Here's a cute one we received from the Judy Center in Montgomery, MD after they received a 100 toy donation from the Village Montessori School! 

Ross School fourth graders invited all students, grades Nursery to 12, to donate gently used plastic toys for their Second Chance Toys collection. Students decorated boxes and created posters for all the buildings on their campus. The students created skits about the project, showcasing themselves not knowing what to do with their older, but gently loved toys. They presented these skits at a Lower School assembly and Upper School Town Hall. Students accepted donations for a week. Every day, they collected toys from the boxes around campus and tallied the totals. On the last day, students tallied they had collected 656 toys, books, and games!

We can always count on McGinn Elementary in Scotch Plains, NJ, to make it happen. This holiday, the fourth graders cleaned 465 toys for donation. Community Coordinated Childcare, Rahway, NJ was able to distribute the beautiful good as new toys to their proud new owners!

"It feels great, especially this time of year, knowing that our efforts are going to help those less fortunate," stated Kelly Sacchetti, parent coordinator of the gently used plastic toy drive. "Because our community rallies every year, we are able to collect hundreds of toys in just one hour," she added proudly.

Second Chance Toys is grateful for their continued and bountiful collections. Thank you, McGinn!!

The Sara Walker Nursery School at the JCC in Stamford, CT, collected gently used plastic toys for their third year in a row! This year's collection yielded 200 toys that were donated to benefit the children served by the Child Guidance Center of Mid-Fairfield.

Anne Johnson, Managing Director, who spearheaded the collection, noted, "It is never too early to get our children thinking about giving to others in need."

The collection was truly a benefit, not only for the children that received the toys, but for those that gave as well.  Happy Holidays for all.


Our friends at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? not only volunteer to transport large collections of toys to organizations serving children in need, but in the case of Rick Galliher, franchise partner Northern Virginia, they also collect toys as well!!

In order to ready the couple of hundred toys for play, we enlisted the help of Mac Aerospace employees. They were incredibly eager to volunteer their time and put some muscle into a few hours of cleaning and bagging the toys. As a result, the children served by Centro de Apoyo Familiar, in Falls Church, received beautiful toys for the holidays.

"This event not only touched our hearts, to be able to spruce up the plastic toys like new for deserving kids, but it brought us all together outside the office and bonding in a different light," commented Jenny Brown, Chief of Staff, Mac Aerospace Corp. "It was both fun and fulfilling."

1-800-GOT-JUNK? has already started collecting again with an eye towards our Earth Month collection, and the folks at Mac Aerospace are enthusiastic about the prospects of participating again in the future.

Thank you all for making a difference!!

Amidst all of the wonderful NEW toy drives during the holidays, the folks from the Tashua School USED Toy Drive would like to thank those who donated their gently used plastic toys this season. As a result of your generosity, we were able to collect about 750 used toys and drop them with five grateful recipient organizations: the YMCA Youth Center, IRIS Refugee Services, Iglesia Cristiana Estrella Resplandeciente de Jacob and the BAQIS Fellowship, all based in New Haven, as well as, Trumbull’s own Child First.  When you ask a recipient if they can use the donation, and the reply is “These people we serve have nothing,” you feel proud that Trumbull was able to give something.  Thanks again, Happy Holidays, and see you next year.

Pictured are members of Triad Retail Media, who volunteered to clean toys for the holidays. They were matched with Kean University Student, Lisa-Marie Machado and her collection of 300 toys in Union, NJ (photo below). The folks from Triad inspected, cleaned and bagged the toys to ensure that they would be good as new for the children served by the Plainfield Family Success Center. Everyone was so grateful for their efforts, and they had lots of fun in the process!!

We are so grateful to Kidville, our valued supporter, for collecting toys year after year. It is wonderful to be able to depend on their various locations throughout NY and NJ to serve as drop off points for gently used plastic toys.

This holiday they had a banner collection, with a total of 1,000 toys coming into their various stores, including the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown West, Union Square and FiDi in Manhattan, plus Riverdale in the Bronx, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn and Hoboken, Denville, Montclair and Summit in New Jersey.

Rammy Harwood, CEO of Kidville commented, "It is wonderful to be able to impact so many children and families with our collections of outgrown toys."  "We could not think of a better way to give back for the holidays than through our partnership with Second Chance Toys," he continued.

The smiles on the kids' faces, tears of joy from their mothers and the learning the children will reap from play, are part of what makes their effort so special. We are so thankful for the enthusiasm and support from our friends at Kidville.

Once again the Women of AT&T South Jersey have made a real difference in the lives of children in need. Their group has worked with Second Chance Toys over the course of several collection periods and we are grateful for their dedication and incredible toys they turn time and time again. Pictured here is Jessica Bekampis with the beautiful toys they donated, this time, to The Apostoic Church in Newark, NJ. Nikki Adeyinka was thrilled to be able to give the church's constituents these great toys for the holidays!!

 At their third collection, E*TRADE not only amassed an amazing number of toys, but also employees volunteered to clean the toys and write uplifting messages to children in need. An E*TRADE spokesperson, commented, "These collections have brought employees together around a fun and inspiring activity." She continued, "In the end, everyone feels good because it's all about doing our part to help children and the environment."

Their efforts to date have brought joy to hundreds of NYC children and have kept thousands of pounds of plastic out of our landfills. Thank you E*TRADE for your ongoing support.

The Pascack Valley High School Environmental Club held a Second Chance Toy Drive to collect gently used plastic toys to donate to New Jersey Community Development Corporation (NJCDC) for the holiday season.  The idea for the drive is to promote reusing of materials and toys while providing some joy and entertainment to needy children during the holidays. Through the overwhelming response from students and staff, the club was able to collect 200 toys to donate! 

PVHS Science Teachers Ms. Kristen Lindstrom and Mrs. Michela Piccoline serve as advisors to the Environmental Club's 60 students. They have held the toy drive every year for the past 4 years. This year local TV station News12 New Jersey even covered the collection in a broadcast news story. You can view the video here

Thank you for helping children and the environment. 


This holiday season marked the milestone 300,000th toy donated by Second Chance Toys. The 300,000th toy came from a collection at Evergreen Elementary School in Scotch Plains, NJ, under the direction of principal, Colleen Haubert, With the help of the PTA and their Kids Care group, Evergreen has been participating in collections with Second Chance Toys for the last 10 years. The community has come to expect the collections, saving up their outgrown plastic toys for the twice-yearly program. At each of their one-hour collections the school brings in an average of 500 toys.

The 300,00th toy, along with the other toys collected at the school, made its way to the Vince Lombardi Center of Hope, located in Newark, NJ, the city where Second Chance Toys made their very first donation 12 years ago.

Bronna Lipton, Executive Director, Second Chance Toys, recalls their first ever toy donation, "We will never forget the feelings of excitement and how thrilled everyone was to receive our good-as-new plastic toys. We could have never imagined, that the donation would not only lead to our becoming a nonprofit serving organizations all over the country, but that we would be back in Newark a dozen years later donating our 300,000th toy," she continued.

Toys were delivered with the help of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, who over the last decade has generously volunteered their trucks, manpower and time to transport supersized collections for Second Chance Toys. Without their participation, Second Chance Toys would not be able to manage large-scale donations. "Their involvement is key," noted Lipton.  "Because of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, so many more children are able to reap the social, emotional and developmental benefits that playing with toys provides, and they help keep thousands of pounds of plastic out of our landfills," she added.